Analyzing capacity, availability and downtime in a network requires correlation between thousands of events per second in real time as well as historical data analysis. NETDMT leverages big data tools to reduce downtime, optimize capacity, traffic management and prevent network degradation by alerting and reporting in real-time across configurable key performance indicators.

Combining various threat intelligence, malware, bad IP etc. feeds EVI creates machine learning algorithms and rules to keep outsider threats out and quarantine and remediate internal threats. Round the clock monitoring and scheduled vulnerability scans make sure that you are in control of your network.

Using Big Data pipelines both NETDMT & EVI can take input streams from various sources and unify machine or log data as well as trap and netflow information to provide a thorough analysis of collected data in the form of real-time and historical analytics.

Load Balancing

  • Scalable cloud architecture with component level load balancing

Indexes and Filters

  • Flexible data model with unified data collection from variety of sources

Optimised Down Sampling

  • Configurable options to down-sample and store historical data

Real-Time Data analysis

  • Aggregation upon data collection providing analytics in real-time

Advanced Correlation

  • Configurable correlation options for specific analytical requirements

Single Dashboard

  • Configurable single dashboard for all your network performance & Security data