Actionable Intelligence

Precise actionable security and network performance information to reduce the time between detection and remediation.
Visualise large datasets to reveal hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer trends and other important information.
Detect anomalies and advanced attack vectors in your network, applications and user behaviour

Why Big Data Analytics?

Many businesses have substantial amounts of data at their disposal coming in from a diverse set of sources including network infrastructure and server logs, application logs, intrusion detection systems and many more. This data quickly adds up for large enterprises of ten petabytes in size.
Centralising data improves speed-to-insight and opens the door to better attack prevention and a more secure enterprise. Optimise your workflow and IT infrastructure costs and identify lurking vulnerabilities
Using historical data and trends, machine learning can be used to provide predictive analytics that can improve your network optimisation and proactively protect you from cyber attacks.
Get the insights coming from predictive analytics to take advantage of opportunities to improve your audience engagement and control the future of your business.

Predictive Analytics

Unlock the inherent value in your data and provide a quantitative foundation for objectively evaluating and improve decision making for achieving defined business goals.

Create effective business intelligence models and forecasts using data mining, machine learning & statistical modelling with precise visualisation.

Machine Learning

Transform operations by lowering costs and gaining critical insights into the end user experience. Advanced root cause analysis helps predict potential network performance or security problems prior before they happen.

Pinpoint underused resources and plan capacity requirements at early stages and identify user network problems. Analyse all information before generating an alert and provide all possible information to quickly remediate network and security issues.

Real-Time Reporting

Detect problems accurately and quickly, troubleshoot faster and maintain a consistent, reliable performance. Gain visibility you need to identify vulnerabilities and attacks. Views to help respond proactively and quickly to network and asset performance issues or threats and compromises.

Real-time alerting for genuine threats and assist you to take appropriate action to stop the malicious activity from progressing. Protect your data and IT assets from being compromised.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be trained to pinpoint network failures and other short comings and bottlenecks. Solve network congestion issues and achieve a higher network performance and improved end-user experience.

A reactive system that adapts to changes in network or security conditions without any manual intervention. Predict different patterns using existing data, current history and behaviour or your assets and network. Perform in-depth user behaviour analysis to detect and respond to any anomalies.

Process Automation

Automation can save you time and money. Relieve time-consuming and mundane manual scanning for security and network issues by using automated processes and workflow management.

Automated backups of your valuable data and asset configurations for disaster recovery and failsafe. Automate network discovery, vulnerability scanning and patching of security updates to keep up to date with the latest threats.

Actionable Insights

Get critical visibility into applications, network services, user experience and application delivery across your network and services.

A comprehensive view of your organisation's access to devices, network, data and vulnerabilities. Transform data into valuable, practical and actionable information.

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