Know your Network

Network monitoring and network forensics used in conjunction help identify trends and threats for your business that otherwise go unnoticed.
Using logs as a roadmap to identify key network health and performance, comparisons can be made with performance baselines to detect potentially larger IT infrastructure and network issues that can halt your business and reduce end customer experience.

Why Network Monitoring is Important?

Keep the pulse on the performance of your business network by proactively addressing network problems and outages. Identify under-used resources and over-utilised resources to minimise cost and maximise performance.
Network monitoring can provide enhanced cybersecurity for your business and prevent intrusions, DDoS and ransomware attacks.
Identify usage patterns for different time slots and geographies, identify peaks in demand and allocate resources to deliver a better experience for your users.
Develop effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan using impact analysis and strategies.

Network Performance

Stay ahead of IT outages, address network problems faster, identify security threats and easily justify equipment upgrade with constant monitoring of your network and services.

Map your infrastructure with automatic network discovery and comprehensive monitoring of your network devices, switches, firewall, servers, applications, storage and virtual machines.

Identify unusual traffic patterns and optimise your network bandwidth. Trend prediction and forecasting for potential issues that may lead to downtime of your business-critical applications & services.

Fault Management

Prevent business disruption by recieving automatic, real-time alerting for your network, infrastructure and application performance issues. Prevent downtime and increase revenue and productivity.

Alarms & events are automatically generated when performance issues are encountered on your network assets such as routers, switches, storage, servers, virtual machines as well as applications.

Predictions via machine learning provide an insight into future performance issues that can be automatically resolved. Fix network problems before they cause disruption to your business.

Unified Log Management

Log data contains valuable information about the performance, stability, and security of your infrastructure. Detect anomalies and inactivity to gauge system health. Transform your logs from a reactive aid to a proactive aid.

Automatic log collection from all assets which are then transformed into a simple human friendly format. Diagnose system vulnerabilities by keeping all past event logs in a single place. Resolve issues before they have a chance to grow and affect your business growth.

Application Monitoring

Increase revenue and sales, boost productivity and increase innovation by proactively identifying application performance issues. Enhance the end-user experience by monitoring response times and increase user satisfaction.

Monitor your custom applications, databases, storage, web services and other applications. Ensure business continuity and reduced downtime for your business-critical applications.

Configuration Management

Enhanced system and process reliability through more rapid detection and correction of improper configurations that could negatively impact network performance. Faster restoration of your services in case of a failure.

ITIL compliant configuration management with one click monitoring and automated backup of configurations for easy disaster recovery. Real-time alerts on unauthorised configuration change to provide an extra layer of reliability and security into your corporate network.

Incident Management & Response

Reduce the impact of incidents on your business by timely resolution. Improve the quality of service for your end customers and maintain continuous service levels.

Record and classify incidents with an automated assignment to appropriate personnel for a quick resolution. Enriched information including performance and parsed log information to resolve incidents faster.

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